Futurasmus KNX Lab

Accredited by the KNXA, including the implementation of a Quality Management System according to the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 norm

Experts with extensive experience

Futurasmus KNX Lab has a team of highly qualified engineers (different specialities).

Test certified by the KNX Association

fabricantes +

As a Test Lab accredited by the KNX Association, FuturasmusLab has got the necessary skills and qualifications to carry out the KNX Conformity and Interoperability tests. These tests are designed to verify the application programs of the new KNX devices, that shall subsequently be certified by the KNXA.


Consultancy on KNX developments

Consultoría de pre-test de software +

For KNX manufacturers who might need occasional guidance and/or support in the process of developing new projects. Participation can take place in early phases (during the definition of requirements), but also during the development of KNX software and hardware. 


Consultancy on KNX integration

Consultoría de pre-test de software +

Service oriented to Non-KNX manufacturers who need to have a KNX device developed as a specific solution to integrate with their respective systems. They will be guided through the whole process, from specification of functionality to the certification of the product.


Futurasmus KNX Group · we are a highly specialized KNX wholesaler, with HQ in Spain and Germany but international presence. Our main forte is our excellent technical and commercial support. You can visit our online catalogue and, if you are a professional in the sector, ask for a non-binding cost estimate for your KNX projects.