Price list

Code KNX Software Tests
(According to the KNX Handbook 2.1, part 8/7/1)
Test Lab accredited by the KNX Association
001 Certified KNX Software test Please, submit enquiry
002 KNX Software preparation test Please, submit enquiry
003 Study project and estimate cost (to be deducted from final price, if accepted) Please, submit enquiry
003 Others Please, submit enquiry
004 Price per hour (special launching discount 25% less) 80 - 20 = 60 €/h

Calculation of services cost

The listed prices are net prices and are exclusive of tax (if applicable). Prices will be calculated according to the time required and will depend on the following services:

  • Examination and validation of the information provided by the manufacturer.
  • Design, creation and configuration of the test sequences.
  • Implementation of the test sequences to the product.
  • Documentation of the test.

Any other extra expense imputable to the client (additional shipping costs, daily allowances, etc.) will be estimated and agreed upon with the client, who will bear these costs.

Also, delays in the test procedures attributable to the client (due to errors in the documentation, faulty sample product, etc.) will be deemed working hours according to the accepted cost estimate.

On the other side, delays attributable to Futurasmus KNX Lab for technical or human errors caused by its personnel or equipment will be neither accounted for nor billed.

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