Description - What is a KNX Software test?

After receiving a product sample, together with the device's application program and corresponding handbook, Futurasmus KNX Lab will use the ETS and EITT software tools to confirm that the described operation actual matches the real behaviour.

On top of that, the data point types (both standardized and non-standardized) will be verified.

More precisely, the following will be done:

  • Study the device's functionality, according to the handbook provided by the manufacturer.
  • Plan the tests to be done: with the full amount of existing parameters and the adequate combinations, a structure of “tailor-made” tests will be designed.
  • Configure the product with the ETS for each one of the tests (in combination with a test panel approved by the KNXA)
  • Parametrize the test sequence in the EITT
  • Execute the tests and check the results (compared with the expected results)
  • Generate the final reports (“Comply” or “Not comply”), that will be sent both to the client and to the KNX Association

Complete process of the KNX Conformity Tests

Please, read the terms and conditions that are implicitly accepted when submitting an order sheet for the execution of conformity tests:

Step Client Futurasmus KNX Lab KNX Association
001 Fill in the order sheet

Client might either contact Futurasmus KNX Lab directly to ask for information about all the requirements to launch the KNX test procedure or directly download a customer registration form and a request for quotation form from the web.

Those sheets, together with the necessary documentation (handbook of the application program, application program, technical sheets, PIXIT, etc., as well as a product sample, if required) shall be sent back to Futurasmus KNX Lab.

002 Formal quotation

After examination of the information received, Futurasmus KNX Lab will study and evaluate both the project’s viability and the number of hours estimated to execute the test.

Next, a formal quotation will be sent to the client, accompanied by a service contract

003 Acceptance of the quotation and contract signing

If the client agrees with the terms as in the quotation and the conditions of the contract, will sign and submit both documents back to Futurasmus KNX Lab.

004 Sending the sample product

The client will send one or several samples of the device to be tested (if this han not been done for quotation purposes)

005 KNX Software conformity and interoperability tests

The Test Department in Futurasmus KNX Lab studies the device thoroughly, plans and designs the tests to be done, configures the ETS and EITT necessary and these are executed.

006 Possible contingencies
  • An error is detected by the Test Department (in the product, the application program or the documentation)

    If that error can be remedied, the project can be interrupted and will only proceed as soon as the fault has been removed.

    If that error meant drastic changes in the planed or executed test, the procedure will be deemed finalized (and the corresponding invoice will be issued). After amending the error, the procedure will have to start again as a new project.

  • The client discontinues the procedure for causes that can not be attributed to Futurasmus KNX Lab.

    All hours worked up to that moment will be billed.

007 Final report

The final report is composed with one of the following results: “COMPLY” o “NOT COMPLY”.

This report is simultaneously sent both to the client and to the KNX Association, as the only organism qualified to eventually certify the product.

The report also includes extensive information on the parametrization of the product and the trace of sequences as executed in each test.

008 Client's right to complain

In case the final report had a negative outcome, the client has the possibility to call for a review, which he/she will have to do in written. The claim may include the possibility to be present during the test.

Futurasmus KNX Lab commits to review the test and submit in-detail explanation on the non-conformity ground (if confirmed) or to modify the result (if an error in the tests can be verified). If the client was right, the hours worked to execute the review will not be billed. If otherwise, the corresponding invoice will be issued.

009 Payment of the invoice

The invoice must be paid within 30 days.

Returning the product

Once all tests are finished, the product will be shipped back to the client. The cost of returning the devices and other materials provided for the test will be borne by the client.

010 Certification by the KNX Association

If the final report has a positive outcome, the client is now entitled to address the KNX Association and require the “certification” of their previously “registered” product.

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